Great as an appy or dessert course, good cheese is always appreciated. Blush Lane Organic Market offers an outstanding selection of fine, locally crafted, Canadian artisan cheeses, a selection of international varieties and alternatives.

Choose a variety of cheese styles, textures and milk sources (cow, goat & sheep & vegan). Allow cheese to warm to room temperature for one hour to bring out the complexities of the flavour. Serve with fresh or dried fruit and an assortment of crackers.


Fruit Pairing


All our seasonal pears – Anjou, Asian, Bartlett and Bosc – pair wonderfully with cheese. Our lovely selection of Bries and Camenberts combine in exquisite fashion with the entire selection of pears. The Anjou works deliciously with a soft or a firm surface-ripened cheese such as Baluchon. The rich, nutty flavours of Oka lends itself delightfully to the mild, juicy, sweetness of the Asian Pear.


Apples and cheese have a natural affinity for each other. Cheddar is a classic match for many varieties; the sweeter the apple, the older the cheddar. Ambrosias combine perfectly with an aged cheddar while slightly more tart Galas and Fuji bring out the natural sweetness of cheeses such as Gouda. Try a tart Granny Smith with a medium blue cheese, such as Blue Benedictin. Natural Pastures’ Boerenkaas – sweet, slightly nutty, creamy, yet firm – is fantastic paired with every apple or pear we’ve tried. Amsterdammer has a mellow, sweet, buttery taste that complements most fruit.

Figs and Grapes

Dried and fresh figs pair wonderfully with chevres, camemberts and bries, as well as saltier, drier cheeses like Feta or blue cheese. Fresh grapes can be matched nicely with a wide range of cheeses. Try tart grapes with creamy cheeses and sweet grapes with mild, buttery cheeses.


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