Quality Standards

We read the labels, so you don’t have to

At Blush Lane we have rigorous ingredients and quality standards we use when sourcing products. We do the homework for you so you can trust the products you are purchasing from us are of the highest quality, nutritious and sustainable.

+1,000 Ingredients you won’t find at Blush Lane

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If we wouldn’t feed it to our family, we won’t sell it to yours

Learn more about our sourcing when it comes to preservatives, artificial colours, trans fats and more! Here are some ingredients you won’t find on our shelves.

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sustainable meat

Yes, you can eat meat sustainably

From farm to your Blush store – find out how we source our meat products

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Even cleaner cleaners!

Common toxins in conventional cleaning products, here’s why we’ve banned them at Blush Lane

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The scoop on sustainable seafood

Protect our oceans and your own health. Learn more about our ethical and sustainable seafood

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benefits of eating organic

Organic for our planet

Learn more about why we prioritize organic options

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Eating for heart health

Not all fats are created equal. Learn more about choosing the right fats and which ones you won’t find at Spud.

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heart healthy fats

Why we love local

We are not a fan of long-distance relationships, especially with our produce

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clean beauty

We care about what goes in you, but also what goes on you

These ingredients are banned in Europe but not Canada, here’s why we’ve banned them at Blush Lane.

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gmos blush lane organic market

GMO’s are they really that bad?

The good, the bad and the ugly

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