From fields to stores, Blush Lane is committed to sustainability.

Blush Lane Organic Market is more than a grocery store. Whether it’s through our stores, orchard or relationships, we strive to respect the land, water, and air that nourishes us.

blush lane sustainability

Advocates for organic and sustainable agriculture

All of Blush Lane’s produce is Certified Organic. With no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, dyes or irradiation, produce is grown in harmony with the native land, water and air. As addition benefits, organic food is also healthy and tastes great!

We are also committed to supporting local organic associations and advocacy groups. We are directly connected to organic farmers, producers, growers, ranchers, creators and other individuals and companies that are equally as committed to protecting the environment.

Innovative technologies in our stores

Blush Lane’s stores are designed to keep all produce and food fresh while using the least amount of energy possible. We use the most recent technologies to improve efficiency wherever possible.

Blush Lane Aspen Woods was one of the first stores to use LED lights in the dairy cooler. Since traditional light bulbs emit extra heat, coolers have to work harder to keep the cooler at a crisp temperature when the light bulbs are on. The LED lights are a small feature but every step is a step forward for sustainability.

Reducing food waste

With Blush Lane and now in the same family, we use the SPUD warehouse to get to just-in-time inventory. That means we are able to receive smaller, more frequent orders at the SPUD warehouse, which then allows the stores to better manage inventory. Smaller, more frequent orders lead to lower food waste, plus fresher products for the customer.

Blush Lane Organic Market takes reducing food waste very seriously. Not only is this lost revenue to the store, but it is also a waste of food that could benefit people in our community. We donate our shrink or short-dated product to our local food banks and other food aid organizations daily.
Other store level initiatives to combat product shrink include allowing our staff to buy heavily discounted bags of produce, grocery items, or deli items that would otherwise be unsellable.
We also work with Collective, a locally-owned and operated waste management organization! Collective takes any food we can’t donate and transforms our food scraps into nutrient-rich compost.

Taking Packaging Responsibility

We believe that we are responsible for the packaging that we put out into the world, which is why we have in-store initiatives that aim to eliminate waste and improve our packaging’s recyclability.

Last year, we introduced scales near our bulk section so that our customers were able to bring in their own reusable containers. By doing so, Blush Lane empowers its customers to choose zero waste packaging options!

Blush Lane’s takeback program specifically targets Be Fresh pink bag products. These products come in stand up plastic pouches which are not recyclable in curbside recycling programs, however Blush Lane’s partnership with a specialized recycling company has made this possible! When customers bring these stand up pouches back to our stores, we send them to our partner to have them turned into new products, like outdoor furniture.

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