Swiss chard

All The Ways You Can Use Chard

You would never guess it based on appearance, but chard is actually a relative of beets. And while it seems to be often overlooked in the produce section--much like the kid who’s always picked last in P.E. class--chard is actually…

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Naturally dyed eggs

How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

Naturally dyeing Easter eggs is by far an earth-friendly way to celebrate Easter! Using ingredients directly from your kitchen, these naturally dyed Easter eggs make a fun and festive way for the family to celebrate. ⁣ ⁣ Want to know…

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Creamy celery bacon soup

Creamy Celery Bacon Slowcooker Soup

Do you get stuck with the celery dilemma, never knowing whether you really want to buy it because it’s always only sold in the biggest heads? It is a huge toss-up considering how versatile and prevalent celery is in the…

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Caesar Salad

A Recipe for a Healthy Caesar Salad

Recently I came across a recipe worthy of sharing; a plant-based healthy Caesar salad dressing. For years before I transitioned to veganism, I used to make a wicked Caesar salad which was always met with rave reviews and recipe requests.…

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Broccoli Fritters

Easy Baked Crispy Broccoli Parmesan Fritter Recipe

Say goodbye to overcooked, soggy mini trees, and hello to tasty, crispy broccoli fritters! If you don’t want green, cheesy pancake/fritters…you’re missing out. These baked fritters will make you a die-hard broccoli fan (you should also try roasting broccoli – it’s great!).…

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