Reusable bag library

As our community collectively works towards reducing waste, many Calgarians are experiencing a rise in the distribution of reusable bags over single-use ones by the stores they shop with. While we at Blush Lane love this movement away from single-use plastic, we are also finding that our personal stashes of reusable bags at home are really piling up! 

What are the odds that you have a full stack of reusable bags somewhere in your house? And from this pile, how often do you remember to bring a bag or two with you when you run errands? With these questions in mind, the Blush Lane team came up with the Reusable Bag Library.

What is a Reusable Bag Library?

Instead of contributing more unneeded reusable bags into our community, we wanted to find a way that Blush Lane could help our customers share what they already have. The Reusable Bag Library allows customers to donate their unused or unwanted reusable bags to our Blush Lane locations. These donations will then be washed and ready for reuse for customers who forget to bring their own bags!

How does it work?

To donate, please gather any unused or unwanted reusable bags and bring them into any Blush Lane location (excluding Calgary Farmers Market) and any of our Blush staff will gratefully accept them!

Once we have collected enough bags and built up our inventory, customers will be able to borrow a bag, if and when they forget theirs. Once at the till, please ask one of our cashiers if you can borrow a bag from our library and they’d be happy to provide you one, free of charge!

Most importantly, if you borrow a bag from us, please return it to us at your earliest convenience. This program relies on customers bringing bags back so that we can clean them and have them ready to be given out again.

Why are we doing this?

Blush Lane has always been about building community and cultivating sustainability. We believe this reusable bag library is a simple but effective way to bring these two values together! 


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