JudyG Foods - Gluten Free Pizzas

The Nelsons & Aurora Apples

Phyllis and Fred Nelson, champions of the Aurora Golden Gala apple, started farming in Cawston, BC in the 70's and have been growing organically since 1989. Now a three generation  family farm, they manage a 4.5 hectare orchard, growing mostly…
JudyG Foods - Gluten Free Pizzas

Dew Fresh Honey

Located in near Osoyoos, BC, Dew Fresh Honey specializes in Okanagan Honey that is unpasteurized.
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Seacrest Organic Farms

Located near Oliver, BC, Seacrest Organic Farms grows an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables on their 70 acre parcel of land, on the historic Covert Farms property.

Peas on Earth Organic Farm

Peas On Earth is a certified organic farm operating since 1996 in Sturgeon County, Alberta.  Since opening, the Chen family have put their heart and soul into nurturing and growing their business. Operating on 65 acres of land and a 5,000…

Beretta Farms

Beretta Farms is proudly owned and operated by Mike and Cynthia Beretta. Originally started in Ontario, Beretta Farms has grown over the past 20 years to 40 ranches that are all dedicated to producing organic chicken, pork and beef products…
bear and the flower farm

Bear and the Flower Farm

All-natural and free-range pork from Irricana, Alberta Since 2015, Bear and the Flower Farm has been raising pigs on their family farm just outside of Irricana, Alberta. All the animals graze on more than 50 acres of land and live outdoors…

Chickadee Farm

Fresh dried herbs from Flatbush, Alberta Chickadee Farm is a second-generation, small family farm that strives for sustainable organic stewardship of the land in harmony with the forest. They are located in the farming community of Flatbush…

Twisted Sisters

Natural skin care products from Calgary, Alberta Twisted Sisters Skin Nutrition creates handmade skin care products. Their products are free of toxic preservatives, parabens, pthalates, artificial colours and artificial fragrances. From bath…
JudyG Foods - Gluten Free Pizzas

Judy G Foods

Gluten-free pizza crusts and pizzas from Calgary Judy G Foods makes gluten-free pizzas that anyone will love. The pizzas are not only free of gluten, but they also are free of the top nine most common allergens. Judy G Foods makes classic pizza…