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Free Online Meal Planning Workshop

Join us on Zoom for a free meal planning workshop with Registered Holistic Nutritionist Christina Wilton from Dragonfly Thrive!This January, is on a mission to help you save more and waste less. In this free workshop, Christina Wilton will…

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Plant Expert Series

Curious about plant-based supplements but don't know where to start?Join the Botanica Plant Panel series today and discover how our experts came to meet and experience extraordinary plants that revolutionized their health journey.Learn from personalized stories and get EXCLUSIVE insider…

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MyKind Plant-Based Iron

Are you looking for an energy and immune boost? Join us for a free webinar to learn about energy from the ground up! The mykind Organics line introduces the first and only certified organic liquid plant iron that delivers easily…

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Immunity, Viruses & Mushrooms

Are you curious about how medicinal mushrooms influence immunity? Join us for a free webinar to learn how mushrooms can support a healthy and balanced immune system! We will be featuring special guest, Host Defense National Science Educator, Jerry Angelini…

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Healthy Snacks at Home – Virtual Cooking Class

Join us for our first ever virtual cooking class featuring healthy snacking at home! Being at home more than usual isn't easy. Do you find yourself mindlessly snacking because you are bored or stressed? Do you feel like you could…

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Supercharge Your Immunity – Virtual Event

Are you experiencing additional stress right now with everything going on in the world? Do you feel like your stress is compromising your immune system or mental health? When it comes to our wellbeing, there are many factors we can…

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