Free Online Meal Planning Workshop


January 28


01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

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Join us on Zoom for a free meal planning workshop with Registered Holistic Nutritionist Christina Wilton from Dragonfly Thrive!

This January, is on a mission to help you save more and waste less.

In this free workshop, Christina Wilton will share meal planning tips to help you save time & money, get healthier, sleep better and help the planet.

We will also be joined by Carla Pellegrini, Director of Food Stash Foundation, who SPUD are fundraising for in January through our Rescued Smoothies and Rescued Apple Pie. Food Stash Foundation is on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of food waste and bridge the food insecurity gap. They keep good, surplus food from going to waste and deliver it where it’s needed.

All workshop attendees will be emailed a discount code valid until February 4, 2022.

Mastering meal planning.

As we get ramped up with a new year and dream of fresh starts, many of us have similar goals: getting healthy or losing weight. Saving money or spending smarter. Reducing stress and sleeping better. Or maybe more altruistic goals – like being less wasteful and kinder to the planet.

Could meal planning be the one new skill that allows you to reach many of your 2022 goals? Think about it – if you want to be healthier, you start with eating better. To lose weight, you make careful food choices.

To save money on your grocery bill – you need to know just what, and how much to buy.

Want to be more efficient with your day? Planning and prepping food will save you hours of work (and stress) over the week.

If you want to do one more thing to reduce your carbon footprint, avoiding food waste will go a long way to help! With surprisingly little effort you can master meal planning and see some real progress on your new year’s resolutions, and in this workshop, we will show you how.

We know we should be meal planning, and sometimes we even try, but meal planning can be overwhelming. Where to start? How to make it efficient? Can you really save that much money? What food should we be eating anyway?

It’s a lot to unpack and we will try to provide clarity over the course of our 60-minute workshop.

Join us as we finally crack the code on meal planning and how to make it stick.

– Decide what to make

– Determine how much should you make

– Plan to prep or batch cook

– Simplify with meal themes or less ingredients

– Take advantage of sales, subscriptions, bulk and seasonal foods

– Use tools that save the food you make

– Rescue the food you have on hand

Give someone a meal plan, and they eat smart for a week – teach them to meal plan, and they achieve all kinds of goals. – Christina Wilton


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This promo will be valid until February 4, for deliveries until February 11, 2022. The discount codes will be emailed to attendees after the workshop.

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