honey thyme butter

Honey Thyme Butter

Make a gourmet appetizer with just a few simple ingredients. A great way to use up any leftover fresh thyme, pair it with some local honey and grass-fed butter! Ingredients: Ingredients:  1/2 cup butter, softened 1/3 cup honey 2 tsp…

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gmos blush lane organic market

GMOs – Are they really that bad?

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have been a topic of controversy for many years. So what’s the deal with GMOs? Are they really that bad? We’ll take a closer look at the scientific evidence surrounding the safety of GMOs, as…

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8 Benefits of Eating Local

At Blush Lane, we are not a fan of long-distance relationships, especially when it comes to our food. Not only is eating locally beneficial for the environment but also for our economy and health! Check out these 7 benefits of…

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What Does It Mean To Be Ocean Wise?

Sustainable Seafood While the world begins to realize the magnitude of plastic pollution in our oceans, an equally alarming threat is being faced by our aquatic neighbors. A number of fish species and crustaceans are in decline due to conventional,…

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sustainable meat

Sustainable Meat at Blush Lane

Statistically speaking, we are all aware that eating meat has a larger impact on our environment than eating plant-based, when it comes to land use, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions. At Blush Lane, we are big advocates for choosing…

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Feel safe about your snacks

Common ingredients hiding in children’s snack food you won’t find at Blush Lane As parents, we want nothing but the best for our families, especially when it comes to their health and nutrition. Choosing the right snacks can be a challenge…

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