Fresh organic gala apples at Blush Lane Organics in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

It is for good reason that Gala apples are among the most popular apple varieties. Their skin is a beautiful blend of yellows, oranges and reds. With its sweet flavours, Gala apples are excellent to eat fresh, cook or preserve. And they can be stored for months, allowing Gala apples to be available throughout the year.

The Gala apple tree was developed in the 1930s in New Zealand. It is a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red, and Gala apples rose to popularity after many trees were planted in the UK and worldwide in and after the 1980s.

Organic BC Gala apples from the Blush Lane Organic Orchard will be $1.99/lb from September 2 to 15, while supplies last. They will be available at the Aspen Woods and Whyte Ave. stores, in addition to the Calgary Farmers’ Market location. They won’t last long, so come grab a bunch as soon as possible!

Their lightly sweet flavour means Gala apples pair very well with cheese, especially cheddar, swiss and chevre. La Chaudiere Bingo Organic Cheese is 15% off until October 3, making it the perfect time to select some great Quebec-made cheese to eat with an apple.

Nut butters are also a healthy and tasty complement with Gala apples. Earth’s Choice Organic Peanut Butters are only $6.49 this month. They come in smooth, smooth with no salt and crunchy varieties – all ideal to spread on an apple slice.

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