Skin Microbiome 101: Introduction to the Skin Ecology

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Roots On Whyte (Community Building)

8135 102 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6E 4A4

Edmonton, AB, CA, T6E 4A4

Join us for the Caring for your Skin Microbiome Talk Series with local scientist and Founder of Ellie Bianca, Evelyne Nyairo. Dive into the significance of the bacteria that live on and in the skin and its effect on overall health and wellbeing. Learn how to nourish the skin and what to avoid in our daily routine to keep the bodies largest organ happy.

Space is limited and registration is necessary. The cost is $10, which will be reimbursed as a $10 Blush Lane coupon.

About the host, Evelyne:

Founder of Ellie Bianca, Evelyne Nyairo, moved from Kenya to Canada on her own at age 16. Full of ambition, optimism and courage, Evelyne paid her way through university and graduated with an M.Sc. Evelyne is a registered professional biologist with the Alberta Society for professional biologists.

With over fifteen years’ experience working globally in Environment and Social Sustainability plus, Stakeholder Engagement, Evelyne has developed key relationships that allow her to source sustainable and ethical ingredients of the highest quality.

Evelyne found inspiration while working on an oil and gas project in Chad, Africa. Evelyne’s deep desire and passion to bring change to the world – specifically change for the women of the world, led her to create all natural, luxury skincare brand Ellie Bianca.  

Proud mother, avid runner and juicing connoisseur, Evelyne continues to make a powerful difference every day.

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