Marda Loop Community Partner: Inn from the Cold

Supporting local and giving back to our community has been one of our main goals since day one at Blush Lane. That’s why each of our four locations supports a different community charity and this month we’re spotlighting our Marda Loop partner, Inn from the Cold 

Blush Lane Marda Loop has partnered with Inn from the Cold since our store opening in 2017 and along with the help of our amazing customers, we have been able to donate over $11,000 to this organization who has been helping vulnerable families find stability in times of crisis.  

Did you know that on any given day approximately 200 families are experiencing homelessness in Calgary? 

Help us strengthen families and transform lives

At Blush Lane, we are committed to strengthening the communities we operate in. For over 25 years, Inn from the Cold has been helping families in need overcome obstacles that can lead to a cycle of homelessness and proactively work towards building a community where no child or family must have to worry about finding a reliable and safe place to sleep. 

As the largest organization in the Calgary region that is dedicated solely to families experiencing a housing crisis, Inn from the Cold believes by helping families overcome certain obstacles that lead to a cycle of homelessness they can make a tremendous long-term difference in the families lives they help.

“When you picture homelessness, you are often drawn to images of people on the streets, but for family homelessness it is seldom for Inn from the Cold to see families come to us from sleeping outside. For families experiencing homelessness it can mean they are sleeping in shelters or in temporary accommodation like motels, couch surfing at a friend’s house, staying with family or even sleeping in a car or recreational vehicle. It can also mean having a home but being at risk of losing it. The reality is families can have a roof over their head and still be experiencing homelessness. Families may fluctuate between these living conditions and the changes may be very dramatic. That’s because homelessness is not a static state; it’s a fluid experience. For every family their experience with homelessness is unique. But what’s consistent is that every family who is experiencing homelessness is vulnerable and lacks the income and/or supports to stay housed”- Inn from the Cold

Inn from the Cold offers three main programs: homelessness prevention and diversion, emergency family shelter and supportive housing. Their range of holistic services aims to strengthen families, create hope and achieve stability through their partnership agencies. Their family support team creates individualized plans to address each family’s specific needs for housing and social support that help set them up for success on their journey to housing independence. 

Donate all year long

Interested in donating? Donate to Inn from the Cold all year long at our Marda Loop location. Ask your cashier at check-out to add a donation to your purchase (in $1 increments) or simply donate your loyalty points! 

Blush Lane will match any donations made, up to $5,000 per year per location. Our community partners always receive 100% of the proceeds donated.  

Not a loyalty member? Sign up in-store by providing your phone number and email address and earn points while you shop. For every dollar you spend in-store, receive 10 reward points ($1=10 points).  

We thank you in advance for your support 

The Blush Lane Team 

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