Lunchbox Prep: Soups & Salads in a Jar


July 16


08:47 pm - 08:47 pm

Get ready for the fall schedule with these simple meal prep hacks.  Soups & Salads in a jar are both economical and make for easy grab-and-go lunches.  Recipes will be gluten free, and vegan options will be explored.

This class will include:

  • samples and tasters

  • recipes

  • nutritional knowledge you can use in your own cooking routine

Space is limited and registration is necessary. The cost is $10, which will be reimbursed as a $10 Blush Lane coupon.

About the presenter, Sandy:

As a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, Sandy is passionate about helping people learn how to create delicious meals at home quickly and simply with maximum nutrition in every bite. She believes that eating well leads to health and vitality without it focussing on deprivation . When she’s not creating new recipes, Sandy loves travelling with her family and sings part time with the Edmonton Opera Chorus. She also teaches interactive, hands-on cooking classes as an Epicure consultant.

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