Lunch & Learn: Why Sitting is the New Smoking and What You Can Do About It


Blush Lane Organic Market Bridgeland

617 Meredith Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 2W5

Calgary, AB, CA, T2E 2W5

Join Emmaly for a 30 minute lunch and learn about the dangers of sitting too much and what you can actively do about it NOW. During her talk she will discuss:

  • Why is sitting thought to be the new smoking? What are the health risks associated?

  • How this may be affecting your life currently and years from now

  • Top 10 things you can incorporate into your daily life that will reduce the risks associated with long-term sitting and get you moving with purpose so you can still be productive in the workplace

Space is limited and registration is necessary. The cost is $10, which will be reimbursed as a $10 Blush Lane coupon. Lunch will be served, if you have any dietary restrictions please let us know. 

About the host, Emmaly: 

Emmaly B. Livino is a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Health Coach with more than 18 years experience. She has worked with the City of Calgary Health and Wellness Center as an Exercise Physiologist for Calgary Firefighters, the Calgary Center for Health as an Exercise Therapist and is currently the founder of Livino Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching at City Fit in trendy, Inglewood. As a former elite athlete herself, she has experienced and learned from numerous approaches to training and movement and is always seeking new and creative ways to adapt this into specific and individual programs for her clients. Emmaly runs her own business full time in Inglewood, where she brings her experience and knowledge in a state of the art private fitness facility, empowering her clients with innovative ways to move their bodies better and connect to the inner strength that lives within every one of us.

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