Acne Treatment from the Inside Out


March 21


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Blush Lane Organic Market Bridgeland

617 Meredith Road Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 2W5

Calgary, AB, CA, T2E 2W5

Acne isn’t really a skin condition. Acne starts from much deeper within the body, which is why for most people, topical acne treatments provide only limited improvement. Let’s dig into why acne develops, how to identify some of the most common underlying health problems that lead to acne, and nutritional tips to help your skin. If you’re ready to commit to clear skin, this talk is for you!

About the host, Dr. Alexa:

Dr. Alexa Birdgeneau is a naturopathic doctor with a family practice at The Centre for Natural Medicine in Bridgeland. She is passionate about empowering others to take charge of their health, by educating them about what’s going on in their bodies and by providing guidance about how they can feel their best. She works with a wide range of health concerns, and has a special interest in treating acne, autoimmune conditions, and mental wellness concerns.

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