Highwood Crossing

Granola, cereals, baking mixes and flours from High River, Alberta

Highwood Crossing is a family owned, certified organic grain farm located next to the Highwood River south of Calgary. In 1989, Tony and Penny Marshall returned to the sustainable agricultural practices used on the same farm by Tony’s great-grandfather nearly 100 years earlier. Today, Highwood Crossing Foods produces only 100% organic crops that include wheat, rye, flax, canola, oats, barley, peas, hay and sweet clover.

In their organic processing facility they produce and package food products including cold pressed flax, canola oil, granola, flaxseed muffin mix, pancake mix, stone ground flours, whole grains and cereals.


In 2000, Highwood Crossing was presented with an “Innovation in Agriculture Award,” and in 2002, they were recognized as a “Habitat Steward” for their efforts to maintain and enhance the habitat for fish and wildlife resources of Alberta.


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