Ewe-nique Farms

Free-range lambs from southern Alberta

alberta lamb from ewe-nique farms

From a farm near Champion, Alberta comes lambs from Ewe-Nique Farms. This southern Alberta farm is run by Bert and Caroline Vande Bruinhorst, and their free-range and naturally fed lambs are available at Blush Lane.

Ewe-Nique Farms raises their lambs without artificial growth hormones and their feed is free of animal byproducts. The sheep graze in the summer on the pasture and then feed on dried forage and grains in the winter. Great Pyrenese dogs watch over the sheep when they are out on the pasture.

Ewe-Nique Farms offers a variety of cuts, from roasts to chops to lamb patties. Try Ewe-Nique Farms lamb today at Blush Lane!


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