Organic and free-range chicken, duck and quail eggs from Richmond, British Columbia

Rabbit River Farms knows organic chicken farming. It was founded by Steve Easterbrook, who created Canada’s first certified organic egg farm near Richmond, BC. Now Rabbit River Farms is renowned in its farming practices, which ensures the chickens have access to the best feed, water, air and land. As a result of their efforts, they were the first SPCA humane certified farm in Canada. Still today, Steve and his team work to improve farming standards for all farms across the country.

All eggs from Rabbit River Farms are certified organic. The chickens wander on organic pasture and eat non-GMO and all vegetarian feed. No antiobiotics are used and no artificial colouring is used to darken the yolk colour. Not only are the chickens humanely raised, but the eggs are high in nutrients and offer a great source of protein.

Rabbit River Farms offers chicken, duck and quail eggs.

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