5 Grain Eggs

Free-range and Certified Organic eggs from Nobleford, Alberta

From a young age Joel began raising some free-range laying hens and sold their eggs from their farm near Nobleford, Alberta. After a few years he was joined by his brother and they started producing Certified Organic eggs. The pair built a grading facility in 2013, and soon after began producing eggs and selling into the niche organic market in Calgary. They work with other local producers with 300 hens or less, many who are under the age of 25.

With the quota system, the limit is 300 hens per farm. So 5 Grain Eggs has created a system that works without the quota board. Small, 300 hen farms have been built within close distance of their farm. It has been a great way to have young people involved with producing fresh healthy organic eggs, learning about the care and day-to-day life of the hens and be able to get them to market.

Quality control is very important and is monitored by 5 Grain Eggs. The eggs from the small local group of  producers are delivered to their grading station and are graded weekly, and within a few days are delivered to the stores. Having a small, direct network of producers ensures fresh eggs at all times.

5 Grain Eggs  is committed to creating and maintaining their relationships with young producers and continuing to produce for a niche market that is connected with consumers – knowing where their eggs are going and giving consumers information of how their local food is being raised.


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