Cultivating Healthy LIFE

Love- Integrity- Fresh(ness)- Ecology

At Blush Lane Organic Market, we believe we can have a positive impact – locally and globally – by actively promoting sustainable agriculture, ethical practices and environmentally conscious actions.

Our Core Values


Love is our over-riding principle. We share a passion and love for the Earth, for each other, for our differences, for our food, for our energy and for our community. We honour ourselves and others by supporting sustainable agriculture and caring for the needs of our community . Our goal is to create a work environment where happiness and health flows from our team and supplier partners to our customers.  This passion for quality, care for how we make our living, and connection to our Earth translates into the way we conduct our business. When we act with love everything else falls into place.


Guided by love, integrity goes beyond mere “responsibility” and is the basis of every decision made within the company, from hiring staff to choosing products to communicating with stakeholders. We value strong moral and ethical principles and adhere to fair and honest business practices. We are committed to supporting our customers’ health and well-being by giving them the best value and highest quality food found anywhere. We strive to do the right thing, even when it is the most difficult.

edmonton organic produceFresh(ness)

We give new, deeper meaning to the word “fresh”. Our passion for quality and commitment to supporting healthy life for our suppliers as well as our customers lead us to source responsibly grown products from local orchards and farms first. We also support small scale producers around the world who share our values of responsibility, love and care for the Earth. Our sincere appreciation for top quality food and products goes beyond the produce aisle. We honour the gifts the Earth provides in every product we offer.


We cherish and respect the land that sustains and nourishes us. We take seriously our commitment to make the world a better place, to support a clean and healthy environment for generations to come. As responsible stewards of the Earth, we seek to improve- not destroy, the land that gives so abundantly. We joyfully put the needs of the Earth ahead of profits.

Local Food – Local OwnershipFresh organic produce at the Calgary Farmers Market by Blush Lane.

Blush Lane Organic Markets are 100% locally owned and operated. In the Organic Food industry since 1998, we are dedicated to increasing organic production and accessibility of organic food by supporting farmers and expanding Blush Lane’s retail presence.

About Certified Organics

Canada Organic label, certified organic food in Calgary.Learn more about what the term “Certified Organic” means, plus the top 10 reasons why people choose organic food.

Visit our Certified Organics page for more information about Blush Lane’s commitment to the organic industry in Canada.

Blush Lane Organic Market in Aspen Woods, SW CalgaryBlush Lane Organic Market Timeline

In 2004, Blush Lane Organic Produce at the Calgary Farmers’ Market was opened in the Currie Barracks.

In 2006, Blush Lane Organic Orchard in Keremeos, BC was purchased.

In August 2008, Blush Lane Organic Market opened their first 7-day retail outlet in Aspen Woods, Calgary.

In 2012, a great opportunity to expand into Edmonton resulted in the Whyte Ave. store in the Roots on Whyte Community Building.

On Sept. 23, 2016, our Bridgeland location in Calgary opened.

Marda Loop celebrated it’s grand opening June 3, 2017.

2016 Y.E.S.S. Youth Empowerment Support Services Donation by Blush Lane Organics in Edmonton.

The Blush Lane Whyte Ave. store in Edmonton supports YESS (Youth Empowerment and Support Services).

Giving Back

As part of our local communities in Edmonton and Calgary, we feel it is important to give back. Throughout the year, we donate fresh produce and groceries to local food charities such as Leftovers ( and local food banks.

We also run a reward points system in all our stores. When you shop at Blush Lane Organic Market, you collect points with every purchase. If you choose to donate your points to the organization supported by each store, we will match the donation. Details on Points Reward Program

Our stores support these organizations:

Friends and Partners

bullfrog logo

Powered by Bullfrog

Blush Lane Organics is proud to choose 100% green electricity with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider. Through this agreement, Bullfrog Power’s generators put 100% renewable electricity onto the grid to match the amount of conventional power three of our stores use.

“Blush Lane Organics has made the environment an essential part of our commitment to sustainability,” said Rob Horricks, co-founder, Blush Lane Organics. “That is why we are proud to partner with Bullfrog Power to support clean, renewable energy for three of our store locations and head office.”

Bullfrog also uses our support to help fund new, community-based green energy projects in Alberta and across Canada. As a result, we are reducing our environmental impact and helping to create a cleaner, healthier world.

We are so proud to be choosing green energy and, in doing so, leading the way to a renewably powered future. To learn more about Bullfrog Power, visit their website at