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Pascal’s Patisserie

Take-and-bake French pastries from Calgary

Pascal’s Patisserie offers the freshest French pastries in Calgary by selling their handmade pastries frozen and ready to bake. The top quality baked goods are made by Pascal Bagioli, a French pastry chef who creates take-and-bake pastries from traditional French recipes and the best ingredients.

Bagioli started pastrymaking when he was 14 and founded Pascal’s Patisserie in 2011. The bakery now offers a variety of traditional French pastries, from croissants to brioches to cinnamon buns. All that is required is to thaw the baked goods overnight and bake in the morning.

Pascal’s Patisserie uses free-range eggs, organic milk, organic sugar and local organic flour that is unbleached and has no additives. The high quality ingredients ensure the pastries are the best they can be. And by baking at home, they will be the freshest.

Available at Blush Lane Calgary locations.


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