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Nourishing Breakfasts – Nov 15

Looking for some healthy inspo for your next family weekend or BFF brunch? Kickstart your breakfast game with some delicious new (hot + cold) recipes and tips to fuel your day like a champion. The best part of these nutritious…

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Plant-Based Paleo Meals – Nov 6

Think eating paleo has to mean tons of meat? Think again! Learn how to prepare a variety of easy-to-make plant-based meals that fit the paleo lifestyle, how to adjust the paleo framework to combine it with a plant-based approach, and…

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Vegan Farm To Fork – September 11th

  • September 11, 2018

Harvest time is here and the possibilities are endless! Come and join us as we create some delicious food with farm fresh ingredients. You'll learn how to make vegan recipes using fresh organic produce. This class will include: samples and…

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Easy Low-Sugar Peach Jam Recipe

Is there anything better than summer fruit?! (That was a rhetorical question - there isn’t.) With berries, plums, and peaches galore, fresh recipes (and snacking) are endless. Our newest summer obsession? Peach jam. You guys loved our low-sugar cherry jam…

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