Learn how to cook like a pro

Learn how to cook! Join Blush Lane Organics for cooking classes at our Edmonton location on Whyte Ave.You shop at Blush Lane for fresh, organic, local food. Now learn how to cook it like a pro! Exclusively at Blush Lane Whyte Ave. in Edmonton.

Blush Lane Whyte Ave. offers a wide variety of topics around food preparation including how to use food to naturally detox, how to prepare foods for those with food sensitivities and diet choices like veganism. Learn how to create fast and healthy food with our quick and easy meals, perfect for life on the go!

Food can be our medicine and strongest ally when it comes to maintaining our family’s health, so we are proud to offer these classes throughout the year. Great recipes, tips and guidance will help you make the most of your groceries.

Cooking class information

Dates: See below for the complete list of upcoming classes. Note that there are no classes in July and August.

Location: Roots on Whyte Community Building in the third-floor conference room.

Time: Classes begin at 6 pm and are around two hours long.

Registration: Registration is in-store at the Blush Lane Whyte Ave. location. More information is also available in-store.

Cost: A $10 deposit is required to save a spot, but it is reimbursed as a gift card at the class.

Upcoming cooking classes

Tuesday, December 12, 2017Heather MowatHoliday Elixirs
Tuesday, January 30, 2018Erin SmandychTBA
Tuesday, February 13, 2018Friederike SavicTBA
Tuesday, February 27, 2018Jody ShenkarekTBA


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