organic roma tomatoes from lina's garden

Organic Roma tomatoes from Lina’s Garden

It may be the middle of fresh fruit season, but don’t forget about fresh vegetables!

We are now getting ripe field-grown Roma tomatoes from Lina’s Garden. These farm-direct tomatoes are excellent to preserve, whether in a sauce, soup or salsa. Or eat them fresh in a salad or just on their own!

Lina’s Garden is a family-run farm located near Cawston, British Columbia. It is just down the road from the Blush Lane Organic Orchard and is known for their certified Organic vegetables, including potatoes, peas, tomatoes, beans and peppers.

If fresh fruit is more your style, we still have freestone peaches, nectarines, plums, summer apples and more.


Organic Fruits

CHERRIESRaineer, Queen Anne, Vans, Sylvia, Sams, Stella, Lapins, SweetheartJune 25th – July 10th
APRICOTSTom Cots, Sundrops, Rivals, Goldrich, TiltonsJuly 1st – August 1st
PLUMSCrimean, June Plums, Early Blue Prune Plums, Santa Rosa, Shiro, Red Hearts, Elephant Hearts, Black Friars,
Duarte, Damson, Italian Prune Plums
July 15th – September 10th
EARLY PEACHESEarly Peaches/Clingstone: Flaming Fury, Rising Star, Early Red HavenJuly 5th – July 31st
PEACHESFreestone: Red Haven, Harbrite, Glo Haven, Crest Haven, Flamecrest, O’Henry Organic Canning PeachesAugust 1st – September 15th
EARLY AUTUMN APPLESGala, Gale Gala, McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Shamrock, SpartansSeptember
LATE AUTUMN APPLESAmbrosia, Braeburn, Sweet Orin, Granny Smith, Fuji, Pink LadySeptember 25th – October 30th
MELONSGalia, Honeydew, Musk, Canteloupe, WatermelonSeptember

Organic Vegetables

VEGETABLESSummer Squash July
VEGETABLESGreens, Beans, PeasJuly – August
VEGETABLESCherry TomatoesJuly – August
VEGETABLESCucumbersJuly 5th – August 30th
VEGETABLESGarlicJuly 15th – August 15th
VEGETABLESField Tomatoes & Heirloom TomatoesAugust 10th – September 15th
VEGETABLESPeppersAugust 15th – September 15th
VEGETABLESOnionsAugust 15th – September 30th
VEGETABLESWinter SquashSeptember 30th
VEGETABLESRoot VegetablesSeptember